“Gullah Tings fa Tink Bout”

My newest recording, “Gullah Tings fa Tink Bout,” is in production. The CD is a companion to my last book, Gullah Branches, West African Roots, and shares the music and rhythms that were inspired during my journeys to Ghana and Sierra Leone, West Africa.  To purchase the CD, please visit the link below:



1 thought on ““Gullah Tings fa Tink Bout”

  1. Guy J. Tirondola

    Gullah Tings fa Tink Bout

    Received the CD yesterday, and had the pleasure of listening last night.
    Good stuff, Ron. Powerful, poignant. Congratulations.
    An appreciation and understanding of the past gives value and meaning to the present.
    Through your efforts, and the efforts of those with like passions, the threatened Gullah culture endures. A remnant of the faithful remains, despite the overwhelming onslaught of our American culture. Continue your noble endeavor.
    Also, your TED talk was a delight.

    Guy J. Tirondola


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