Inspirational Love Songs

Singing "Moonlit Memory"

Singing “Moonlit Memory”

“Sweet Surprises!”, a CD of inspirational love songs, has been re-released for your listening enjoyment!

Available only as downloads for computers, iPods, or notebooks, these 12 one-of-a-kind, scripture-based love songs inspire listeners to revel about love, romance, intimacy, friendship, commitment, and joy.  Several songs feature duets with my bride, Natalie E. Daise.  And the saxophone interludes and accompaniments by saxophonist Gregory D. Whittaker are breathtaking!

Thoughts of my wife, who adds color and harmony to my life, and about the One who gives life are wrapped around each lyric I wrote.  Collaboration with my friend Vernon B. Harris make the music moving and vibrant.

“Sweet Surprises” will move you — in many ways and on many levels.  That’s part of the “sweet surprise” each time you listen!

Order single tracks or the entire album.  I’ll be waiting to hear your response…

Ron Gold

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