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“People Gotta Know”

Available only as downloads for computers, iPods, or notebooks, this upbeat, rhythmic, and memorable Pop tune raises awareness about a global concern – the increasing health crisis of stroke among young adults.
“People Gotta Know” showcases scenarios in contemporary culture that young adults should be prepared to encounter.

“Your project epitomizes ‘applied artistry’…channeling your creative expression to resolve a real issue for our local community and the world,” said Amy L. Edmunds, YoungStroke Founder & CEO. “Young stroke is both a global and local issue of concern. In South Carolina, nearly sixty percent of all strokes occurring in the state affect those under age 65. This is double the global average.”

Listen. Sing-along. Reflect. Remember. “Get young adults to the doctor/Get them right away/When you see the signs, don’t hesitate/They need to see a bright new day!”
People Gotta Know
“People Gotta Know”